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Real Estate

Real Estate Law encompasses all transactions involving the ownership, possession and use of residential, and commercial property including:

  • Sale and purchase of land,
  • Transfer of land,
  • First-time and lost title applications,
  • Leases,
  • Removal or modification of restrictive covenants, and more.

Probate, Administration and Estate Planning

Probate and Administration refers to the management of a deceased person’s will or the estate of a deceased person without a will. The process involves payment of the person’s debts and distribution of his/her assets after death.

Estate planning is the process by which an individual or family arranges the distribution of assets in anticipation of death or incapacity. Estate planning aims to preserve the assets as best as possible for the intended beneficiaries and gives flexibility for the individual prior to death. Wills and trusts are the most common methods of estate planning.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Law pertains to the laws and regulations for securing and enforcing legal rights to inventions, designs, and artistic works. In the same way the law protects ownership of personal property and real estate, it also provides protection for the exclusive control of intellectual property such as writing, music, designs and other works.

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